Free international shipping on orders over £150

Free international shipping on orders over £150


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About Us

In early 2022, we saw an opportunity to bring more inclusiveness to the toddler chair industry through our expertise in digital marketing and connections in the market. While there are many websites that offer platforms for designers and sellers, we wanted to enhance that.

However, we noticed how the pandemic allowed larger companies strengthen their position in the industry and leave smaller suppliers behind. This is due to their advantage in SEO and digital marketing.

Our aim is to correct this imbalance and bring attention to the creative and unique designs from our sellers. The recent years have seen a rise in creativity and originality in the industry, and we want to make these products more accessible to consumers.

Our vision is to create a company that not only supports success for all, but also expresses our gratitude towards our customers.

Thank you for finding out more about Jones toddler chairs, the premiere toddler chairs company.

We believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and that’s why we always put our clients first. Our passion for providing unique and personalized toddler chairs has driven us to create a business that puts the needs of our customers at the forefront.

We are proud of our commitment to providing high-quality, durable toddler chairs at affordable prices, and we work tirelessly to make sure that each of our clients receives the best service possible. We want to be more than just a company that sells toddler chairs, we want to be a part of your family and provide you with comfort and security for years to come.

We pride ourselves in offering only the best quality toddler chairs sourced from the United Kingdom. Each and every product goes through rigorous testing to ensure they meet our standards for durability, longevity, and safety.

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