Toddler Learning Table And Chair Set

Introduce your little explorers to the ultimate starter set with the Toddler Learning Table and Chair Set! This expertly crafted set offers a safe, comfortable, and stimulating learning environment for your budding learner, promoting proper posture and stability. The interactive table features engaging elements like alphabet and number recognition to develop early cognitive skills.

Constructed from high-quality solid wood, this durable set is designed to withstand the rigours of toddlerhood. With its compact design and easy assembly, this set is a convenient addition to any playroom or nursery, fostering cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Invest in your child’s future today!


Toddler Learning Table And Chair Set – Best Chair For Newbies
The Toddler Learning Table and Chair Set is the perfect companion for young learners. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, this set provides a sturdy and ergonomic chair that supports proper posture during activities. The table is equipped with interactive features, such as alphabet and number recognition, promoting early cognitive development. With its vibrant colors and durable construction, this set is the best choice for introducing toddlers to a world of fun and learning.

Important Information:
Product name: Toddler Learning Table And Chair Set/Toddler Chairs
Package Size: 700 x 560 x 440 mm
Material: solid wood
Style: Modern and simple
Application: Study
Model: multi-function learning table and chair
Dimensions: one table with two chairs [domestic ordinary nails], one table with one chair [domestic ordinary nails], one table with two chairs [Japan upgraded without nails], one table with one chair [Japan upgraded without nails]
Packing list: Table * 1+chair * 1/2


15 kg


700 × 560 × 440 cm




Ordinary with nails , Upgrade without nails

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